Hey, I'm Danny (or Danielly if you want to keep things formal) :)

I'm a product-focused programmer and journalist (yes, both), passionate about football, music and fashion. I know it doesn't make that much sense when you say it out loud, but I promise it not only works but makes me move forward.

I moved from Brazil to Amsterdam, the Netherlands, in 2014, and back then, professionally, I was only into communications. I mean, I've been writing since I was 8, what more should I do? But changing all my life's perspectives made me wonder if there was more for me out there. That was when tech became part of the picture in a pretty spontaneous way.

Long story short: I'm curious. And this curiosity leads me not only to the most random pieces of knowledge (did you know that cats can also be allergic to people??) but apparently to new career paths as well. And even though it's not too obvious sometimes, technology is in every single thing I love. It was always a matter of time for me to start to obsess about it. So I did.

In 2018 I joined the first class of the Dutch branch of the 42 Network, Codam Coding College, where I've been learning how to solve problems and real-life demands through coding and technology on a hands-on basis.

More recently, I got into digital product management because it just feels like the perfect middle-ground for someone in-between tech and communications. Kinda "the best of both worlds" thing. And since then, I finished the University of Virginia Darden School of Business specialisation and got even more sure about what I want professionally from now on.

Who knows if our paths may cross anytime soon!