Soccer Rocker (under production)

Youtube series connecting the world of football and music, featuring interviews, trivia facts and games.

Escuta Essa

Book launched by the website Rock'n'beats where 57 people, including authors and illustrators, turned in story and image 31 songs of the new Brazilian music. Besides taking care of people management, I organised and edited the book, and I wrote the story "Ultimo (a)batimento por voce".

O Livro Que Ainda Nao Tem Nome

Book inspired by the Brazilian band Pullovers' album "Tudo Que Eu Sempre Sonhei", organised and idealised by Izadora Pimenta. I was in the project as an author, with the story "1932", and as a proofreader.

FC Bayern Brasil

Founded by me, this project is recognized by FC Bayern as an official Brazilian fan club. With a content completely in Portuguese, the website has articles about the club and staff, interviews, match reports and everything about the German football club.